Meet Amanda

Welcome, and thanks for visiting Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful!

This is the second incarnation of this page — after a new city, new job, new love, and new lifestyle, it was time for some changes here, too.  Now, you’ll find healthier recipes, a better balance between the hearty and nourishing and delightfully decadent.

A Little About Me

I’m Amanda and I love being in the kitchen — surprised?  I didn’t think so.   I’m a twenty-something living and working in Boston after stints in Philly, DC, Paris, and Istanbul — places (and foods — oh, the foods) that influence everything I do in the kitchen.  When I’m not elbow deep in flour, I’m out and about with my wonderful S.O / sous chef / taste-tester / co-pilot, Hadley — exploring and (mostly) eating.  It’s a wonderful life.

6320_1132637360917_7362888_n - Version 2

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