Roasted Banana Bars: Banana Bread’s More Sophisticated Cousin

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The instant that I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make these.  I had never heard of roasting bananas before, but it might be my favorite new trick.  Roasting the bananas made their natural flavor pop, enhanced their … Continue reading

Cinnamon Bubble Cups

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This week’s breakfast is brought to you by Sprinkled with Flour’s Cinnamon Bubble Buns, a recipe that’s been on my Foodgawker favorite’s page for quite a while.  My regular cinnamon bun recipe is delightful — rich and sweet yet savory — … Continue reading

Spring? Is that you? (A.K.A Blueberry Muffin Time)

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We’ve just had our first lovely, crisp spring day in New Brunswick.  With the windows thrown open and the chipper songs of the neighborhood crazies floating in with the strong breeze, I’ve convinced myself that the seasons have finally changed.  … Continue reading