And Now I See the Light

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I’ve done it.  I’ve figured out one of life’s biggest questions.  How do you bake a crack-less crack-like cheesecake?  The answer: a water bath and mad skills (i.e. teddy grahams and mocha instant coffee).  But seriously, this cheesecake was delicious.  I … Continue reading

Finally Out From Underneath My Rock

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I hadn’t realized how long it had been since my last post until I was in the kitchen this morning, and noticed that all of my baking tools were spotlessly clean, each one exactly where I put it when we … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

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I’ve always wanted to attempt a meringue, but shied away with the belief that it would be a complicated, finicky recipe — and it’s no secret that I have no patience with fussy recipes. However, when I found this recipe … Continue reading

For Boston For Boston (Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes)

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This post is an homage to my hometown, the most beautiful city on Earth: Boston.  And what better way to do that (besides something Sox-themed, of course), than to make some Boston Cream Pie.  Fluffy cake, smooth cream, dense chocolate … Continue reading