Finally Out From Underneath My Rock

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I hadn’t realized how long it had been since my last post until I was in the kitchen this morning, and noticed that all of my baking tools were spotlessly clean, each one exactly where I put it when we … Continue reading

Just What the Doctor Ordered

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This is the last of my finals week baking posts, super decadent chocolate cupcakes, for my oldest little sister.  She’s studying to be a doctor, while working almost full-time, and she still finds the time to be a wonderful sister … Continue reading

The Study Aid of Champions

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Throughout my years in school, I saw a LOT of crazy study habits / supposed shortcuts.  From the crack whore chic snorting of the Adderall, to the nose breathers favorite, spending hours writing hundreds of ultimately useless flashcards, to one … Continue reading

Roasted Banana Bars: Banana Bread’s More Sophisticated Cousin

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The instant that I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make these.  I had never heard of roasting bananas before, but it might be my favorite new trick.  Roasting the bananas made their natural flavor pop, enhanced their … Continue reading

Sweets to Pucker that Little Pout: Mini Lime Cheesecakes

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I love to feed people.  In particular, I love to feed the people I love.  So, whenever I visit my hometown, I like to bring my mom and sisters something sweet.  They struggled through every batch of alternately burnt and … Continue reading

Cinnamon Bubble Cups

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This week’s breakfast is brought to you by Sprinkled with Flour’s Cinnamon Bubble Buns, a recipe that’s been on my Foodgawker favorite’s page for quite a while.  My regular cinnamon bun recipe is delightful — rich and sweet yet savory — … Continue reading